What’s on your list?

bucket list
noun, inf.
1. A number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
2. In Columbia, it’s the 100 things every Gamecock should do before they graduate.

About the Bucket List project

Making an official USC Bucket List became a priority of Student Government after being inspired by several student organizations and individual students.

In spring 2012, a group of diverse students outside and within Student Government sat down and came up with 100 items that every Gamecock should attempt to complete before graduation. The list includes experiences and achievements from all different aspects of campus and community life. Each list item aims to instill new USC traditions, keep established traditions alive, support the Columbia community, or encourage students to be involved in campus life.

Some of the items are difficult to accomplish — studying abroad or winning an intramural t-shirt, for example. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t check off every item on the list. It’s the journey that matters!